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200 doctors of happiness

we evolved. from what we do. to how we feel. from what is shown. to how we see. from what we are. to who we are. from what we give. to giving. from what we experience. to experiencing. from love. to loving. from the guts. to the heart. from the heart. to hypophysis. from hypophysis. to genitals. from being. to believing. from making room. to progressing. from passionate silence. to mute passion. from thought. to expression. from X. to I.

200 doctors of happiness are roaming the earth. procession of life coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors, serotonin watchers, sex advisors, relationship gurus, holistic therapists trying to create what can only be created. to be born. active passive. no experts.



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Forced into being. Forced into walking. Forced into schooling. Forced into falling. In love. In tears. Laugher. Forced into taking dump. Forced into locking doors. Forced into saying yes. Forced into saying no. Forced into checking inbox. Phone. Teeth. Wallet. Forced into pain. Even more so pleasure. Forced into being again. Being someone. Being friendly. Being alone. Forced to use deodorant. Laugh again. Change channels. Change lover. Forced to change. Forced to stay the same. Check the inbox again. Forced to revolt. Forced to accept. Forced to lie. Tortured to tell the truth. Wear high heels. White canvas bags. Tatoos, organic water, growing nose and ears. Eyes never grow. Forced to jerk off. Forced to need. Forced to want. Forced to dream. To fail. To press play. To be photographed. Forced to write this. To think of meaning. Forced to freedom. Bound by chain of events. Locked by desire. Hostage of your own name. Self reflection. Their reflection. Forced to be visible. Dismembered. Edible. Forced to be more. Less. Forced to be stretched in between. And to hope to be saved by the white space. By unsaid. By unbeen. By the remainder of the forced equations. Even if it’s zero. You need it. So desperately. So compulsively. So forcefully.

Absolute suffers neurosis. We are the symptom.

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