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I have a zero dollar quiz question: What is better than my CD rotting away in the box in my cellar?

a) my CD in a pan
b) my CD in the space
c) my CD in your hands
d) just d
Yeah, it’s obvious. d) is correct answer, but admit it, c) looks way nicer. Anyway, I’ve got a little stash of neatly packaged original CDs of my debut album ‘Walkthrough’ that’ve been with me for a long time now, and I had the idea I could write you a personal message on it and send it straight to your mailbox. This thing will feel much better in your hands than it feels here.
You’ll get it for free if you want, or you can determine the price you are willing to pay by yourself. I had almost none profit from my music up to now so any kind of support will fix a smile on my face. The only thing I’m asking for is that you cover the delivery costs which amount to 3 euros.
Inside the jewel case you will find a booklet, with all the lyrics and some sublimely sad, cute and old photos of myself.
I know CDs are long time out of fashion. Consider it a personal souvenir, something that is more useful hanging from a ceiling, lying under the pillow or leaning against your collection of Bukowski’s books than as a medium for listening music.

I use PayPal for transaction. It’s the safest and most common online paying system.  The link:
Ketz – Walkthrough CD

(Enter the price you wish to pay in the ‘unit price’ box and then click ‘update totals’ button. If you wish to keep it zero, just put 0.01)
Tell me if you’d need any further help.


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